When I Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

As if our lives as basketball moms aren't busy enough, finding time for ourselves is even harder (and a trip to the hair salon doesn't count). Self-care is actually what it means - taking care your health!

Well, self-care took on a new meaning when I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer in May 2018. After an annual gynecology appointment in early 2017, my doctor put in an order for a mammogram. I’m over 40 years old and I just lost my mother to the same disease less than two years before. So, what did I do with the mammogram order? I sat it on my desk and let it get buried in the mountains of school papers, mail, basketball schedules, and bills. I convinced myself I had no time to go. With high school and AAU travel seasons in full effect, a simple trip to the doctor seemed liked it required too much planning. Looking back, I realize how stupid that sounds!

One day, after shredding papers, I found the mammogram order and finally called and scheduled my appointment. I had the mammogram the next day and was called back for a ultrasound to take a closer look. The ultrasound detected something in the image, and exactly one week later, I was getting a biopsy.

The following day, May 10, 2018, I got the dreadful call that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The silver lining is that I caught it early! Stage one… but I wondered where I would have been if I had waited another year. Most of all, I wondered how it would’ve affected my family. You always hear “if you're not well, you can’t be well for your family,” and this is more than a statement... it’s a fact!

Self-care is so important for your mental and physical health. Moms, we have to take time for ourselves. Go to the doctor, stay active, and listen to your body!

By the way, one year is approaching since my diagnosis. Two surgeries later, I am cancer free! Ladies, look after yourself, care for yourself, don’t wait, don’t make excuses, and make the time for yourself. After all, everything begins and ends with us!

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