We Admit It… We Care About Rankings

Why do we pay attention to rankings?

A while ago, more so years ago, my family and I would sit and wait to see what the rankings were on players in different classes. It was then I realized that we were being fanatics and were using rankings to define and measure where our son was in his young career. If we didn’t like someone’s opinion, we would be upset and have the urge to respond or argue back. We stopped ourselves in our track and came to the realization that rankings are simply based on opinions of scouts, coaches, media, and writers. Rankings, which are found on Twitter as well as internet blogs, basketball magazines, and newspapers didn’t give us the tools we needed to help our son develop. True rankings are great for morale and ego-boosting but what happens when your kid goes from one to eight or one to 16?

Do those rankings define and measure a player's talent?

How does it affect your child’s confidence?

Does it make them want to give up or work harder?

How do you handle that?

Basketball is a team sport, and we realized that it was a team effort and not based on individuality, one of the most valuable lessons we learned over the years. What makes people think highly of you is more than basketball skills on the court. It’s how you conduct yourself in other ways - how you pass the ball, encourage and support your teammates, and last, not least, body language.

We decided to change our way of thinking. We wanted to impose on our son and teach him to embrace the essence of being an overall great player. Most of all, we had to embrace that not all opinions matter. Not everyone will like you or like your game and that’s okay, but what they can’t do is take away what kind of person you are, and that’s what makes you high ranking!

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