Shaking Up Your Mama-Child Workouts

In light of different states lifting their stay-at-home ban, more people are venturing back to the gym; however, we’re still maintaining distance and waiting until the coast is “clear”… which means no basketball in a group setting (yet). The good news is – we’ve found different ways to enjoy workouts while still social distancing. Check out our list below for ways you get in a good workout outside of a group basketball setting.

  • At-home HIIT workout: HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. These are super challenging but so worth it, especially because you can get in a quality workout under an hour. Combining cardio and strength training, HIIT will push you out of your comfort zone and into better shape.

  • Biking: For a while there, bikes were obsolete in the stores! COVID transformed many people into bike riders, which is great! We enjoy biking around our neighborhood. Evenings are the best (to avoid humidity and heat).

  • Basketball drills: Sure, teams have yet to rejoin, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still play! We enjoy venturing to outdoor courts and tackling footwork, shooting, and defensive drills.

  • Dancing: There are countless dance videos online, and they’re not only a great workout but a BLAST! Turn the music up, try your best, and get in a good cardio workout!

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