Our AAU Journey Has Come to an End

Now that AAU is over for us, I'm able to look back and reflect on our journey. Here are a few things we realized at the end that we wish we would’ve known at the start. We hope this helps the basketball moms and dads that are now entering the world of AAU.

  • Rankings are matter of opinion. Every reporter, blogger, or ranker has their favorite players. A number doesn’t define you. If your child finds himself lost in shuffle, it only means there’s more work to do. Prove the rankings wrong!

  • You don’t have to attend every basketball camp that invites you. Camps will use your kids name and rankings to solicit more “high ranked” players to attend their camp.

  • College coaches attend games, not only to watch your kid, but to observe you, too. Read that again and refer to The CourtsideMom Behavior Blog if you have any questions on proper parent behavior.

  • Try to record your own footage. There are some great “mixtape” outlets out there but nothing beats owning your own footage and moments.

  • Watch the people who communicate with your kid. Camp liaisons, program directors, scouts, and coaches will call, text and DM your kid, yet they won’t address you or say hi. Watch those people closely. If they can’t communicate directly with you, it’s a red flag and borderline creepy.

  • Set competition aside and get to know parents from other teams. As you move through your journey, those people will become family and great resources. Remember, AAU is only temporary and your kids could end up on the same high school or college team.

  • In terms of social media, be mindful that you will read things about your child that will be untruthful, disrespectful, and down right hurtful. Ignore it, try not to address it, and take the high road. Again, college coaches are also recruiting you as parents. No one wants to see Kyree or Nimari’s mom beefing on Twitter or Instagram. It’s not a good look! No matter the case, never use social media to vent or bash other kids. Kids are off limits. Period.

  • Never allow anyone to bully you into staying in a situation or team that doesn’t focus on helping your kid flourish. Do what’s best for your kid and your family. Coaches and recruiters will promise you anything just to get your child.

  • Remember that AAU is a platform to get your kid maximum exposure so he or she can get to college to receive a scholarship and free education. Stay the course! With hard work, determination, and dedication, your child will get everything he works for and will become the player and person he strives to be!

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