How to Help Your Child Through the Grieving Process

Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s unexpected deaths have left the entire world to grieve. People from all over the world, including The Courtside Moms, have struggled to come to grips with their untimely passing, and we know our youth feel the same, many of which have looked up to Kobe for as long as they can remember.

Unfortunately, death is an ever-present part of life, and even adults have difficulty grieving. So, we would like to share some tips to help your children through the grieving process.

Answer their questions: Death can be confusing, especially when unexpected. Allow your children to ask questions and do your best to answer those questions with honesty and directness. Admit when you don’t have the answer, but also be sure to provide empathy.

Cherish the memories: Rather than avoid mentioning the deceased, embrace their memory. Whether you know the person or not, such as the situation with Kobe Bryant, continue to talk about the person who died and be sure to reminisce about happier times and positive experiences.

Be yourself: I know you want to be strong for your kids, but it’s okay for your children to see you cry. Your kids need to know that grieving is healthy and normal. The last thing we want to do is encourage our children to hold their feelings inside.

Embrace professional help: If your child is having a difficult time healthily handling their emotions, do not be afraid to seek professional help. If your child is not sleeping or eating as they normally do, engaging with friends, or losing interest in activities they normally love, encourage your child to talk to a professional and facilitate setting an appointment.

The Courtside Moms would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the lives lost in the tragic helicopter accident on January 26, 2020. Our thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones and the entire community affected by the passing of these precious lives.

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