Five Rules to Proper CourtsideMom Behavior

Being able to sit court-side and witness your child’s team perform at their highest potential against a rival team or team known to dominate is a indescribable feeling. The crowd is pumped up, excited, talking crap, and full of energy. Your child and their team are hype, so you can’t help but feel pumped up and ready to battle as well, but it’s critical, especially for us moms to remain on our best CourtsideMom behavior. It’s easier said than done and maybe the Mama Bear in us has caused us to lash out in the past, but that’s no excuse, no matter what people say or do.

Some may be reading this and thinking, “What’s CourtsideMom behavior?”

Well, we will enlighten you and share five rules to proper CourtsideMom behavior. 

Rule #1 – CourtsideMoms should never use hateful words, yell, or curse at players, on or off the court, even if it’s your child.

Rule #2 – CourtsideMoms should never yell or curse at a referee. We know that the games get intense, fouls occur, some fouls are called, most are not (lol) but we must hold our tongue. After all, there’s nothing we can do to change the call.

Rule #3 – As CourtsideMoms, we must always set the tone and handle our emotions. It’s not just a game; our child's future scholarships and careers are on the line. Our kids cant to afford to have their mom causing a spectacle because their team lost. To teach our kids how to handle adversities on the court, we must lead by example.

Rule #4 – CourtsideMoms should avoid verbal altercations with rival parents and fans. I choose and suggest sitting far away from the opposing team because Lord knows we can’t handle nobody talking about our kids.

Rule #5 – CourtsideMoms should always show sportsmanship, even when we don’t want to. We must behave as adults at all times. After all, everyone is watching, especially college coaches!

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