College vs. Overseas

At this point, the majority of the class of 2019 has officially announced which college they will attend this fall. A few of the five-star student-athletes have committed to attend colleges such as Duke, North Carolina, and the University of Arizona. However, R.J. Hampton has went a totally different route and took the world by storm! R.J. will be heading overseas to play professional basketball in New Zealand, opposed to taking the traditional college route. R.J. will play overseas and then come back to the States and be eligible for the draft after playing for one year.

When weighing the options of going to college for one year, you risk the possibility of an injury. When choosing to go overseas to play professionally, you also have the same probability of injury. However, you must be mindful that when playing professionally, one can earn and generate a “just in case” fund in the event of an injury. Many view the ability to play overseas as a way to open your market base to another part of the world that can generate more partnerships and product marketing. A few other options some consider are to sit out a year after senior year and train to prepare for the NBA Combine or go to post-grad for a year and enter the NBA combine after that.

Many may agree and some may disagree with the new wave of not going to college, but ultimately, it's the individuals decision when it all boils down. R.J’s decision was made by him and his parents. Therefore, you can only respect it and wish him well, just as you have wished every other student-athlete who has made their college decision! With that being said, congratulations to the entire class of 2019. 

As CourtsideMoms, our decision is the only decision that matters when it comes to the path our kids will take. Do not let anyone tell you different! It’s all about who and what best fits your child. You and your child know what he or she is able to bring to any team they decide to join. The team must be a good fit that will allow your child to play reasonable minutes and showcase their talents on the court. The ultimate goal should be for your child to be a part of a team that has a coaching staff that believes in them, teaches them how to improve, and allows them to make mistakes and learn from them, and a coach that is dedicated to helping your kid reach their highest potential to the next level. As far as our kids, neither Barissa’s son nor Nikki’s son have made any college commitments, but a decision will be made very soon.

Stay tuned...

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