Change the World - Starting at Home

The year is 2020, yet the times are reminiscent of an era that was painfully racist, prejudice, and latent with mistreatment. How can we not reflect and wonder if anything has changed at all?

From feelings of anger to helplessness to fear, people are experiencing a range of emotions, none of which feel good for the soul.

As parents, however, we hold the power to raise a generation of free thinkers, lovers, doers, and game-changers (and I’m not just talking about on the basketball court).

One of the best ways to elicit change is to teach our children the right way – the right path to walk and talk.

The issue of racism is cut and dry – you either support the movement or you do not. We cannot afford to exist in the grey area. Education is needed. Action is needed. Love is needed.

The following are ways to elicit change, starting in your own home:

  1. Talk about it – talk about racism with your kids. Create a time for learning and conversation. When we mince our words, the point becomes lost, so the most important thing to remember is to be clear and use facts. Please avoid statements such as “we don’t see color in this house.” Although the essence of the sentiment is nice-ish, we need everyone to see color so that we can acknowledge one another’s uniqueness, differences, and plight, too.

  2. Be the example – our children are parrots, in a sense. They take silent notes of our words and actions, and they mimic them. Be mindful of what you say and do at home. Raise socially aware children that understand actions speak louder than words. Our children will learn from us, so we must be sure to set an example worth following. Also – Repeating or downplaying racist jokes is always a no-no.

  3. Create an inclusive environment – take a look at the books on your shelves, the music that plays on your radio, and the programs you watch on television. Do these forms of entertainment capture an array of cultures, or are they strictly from one race? We can’t expect our children to absorb other cultures and learn about another race if there are no sources to be found. Explore books by POC. Watch documentaries together.

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